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Naxalbari is a beautiful village, as well as a community development block, which comes under the Siliguri subdivision, Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. Naxalbari is also spelled as Naksalbari. It is situated in the northern part of the state West Bengal. Naxalbari has become famous for a very popular reason which was the site of a left-wing poor peasants uprising in 1967. And this site began with the slogan “Land to Tiller” and it was the starting of the uprising the Naxalbari which continues till this date.

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Gram Panchayats

There are total six Gram Panchayats in Naxalbari, those are- Naxalbari GP, Hathighisa GP, Maniram GP, Upper Bagdogra GP, Lower Bagdogra GP, and Ghosaipur GP. Which includes all the hundred villages.


Naxalbari is also famous for many Pvt. & Government Schools. It also has Pvt Institutions which serves a quality education to the students of Naxalbari. English, Hindi, Bengali, Nepali are the main languages.


There are almost every facilities are available for transport in Naxalbari. Bus, Train, Auto, Small Rickshaw, and Airport (Bagdogra). Whether it is small or a long journey all the transport facilities are available here.

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Local markets

Naxalbari has a famous marketplace called bazarpara, where people of Naxalbari use to get their daily needs.

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Many hospital including Pvt and Government, are giving best treatment to the people of Naxalbari.

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There are several branches of Government and Private banks in the city and their numbers of ATMs. Click below to know more.

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As Naxalbari is developing day by day the need of workers also increasing. Click below link to find or post a job.

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Real estates

Like any other cities Naxalbari is also a place of real estates. And it is beneficial for the capitalists as it is a border area.

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Being a beautiful place and sorrounded by amazing peoples Naxbians also serves delicious foods, you must try.

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