20 Best Chrome Themes of 2020

20 best chrome themes

Best Chrome Themes 2020

The best chrome themes of 2020 are here. The complete list of all the best chrome themes are listed here, you can download them by following the links below. The best chrome themes of 2020 will be suitable for your browser and will give your browser a premium look.

Why to choose Best Chrome Themes?

Choosing a theme for your chrome is not compulsory, but it gives your chrome browser a new look. The best themes give your chrome browser a different look than any other browsers. Best chrome themes are available at the Chrome Store, you can easily go to the store and install any theme that you want to install.

The List of All 20 Best Chrome Themes of 2020

The complete list of all the 50 Best Chrome Themes is listed below. You can download all those themes by following the links given easily.

GData Centers 4 The Dalles, Oregon

This theme comes under the Google Data Centers Chrome Themes category. The thems is Inspired by where the Internet lives detailing a look inside Google’s Data Centers from around. The theme is created by Nick Glazer.

Sea Foam

The theme is based on the sea foam as it name suggest. The menu bars


Gradient is basically a colorful theme, it will give your browser a gradient effect.


Topography is basically a typography theme, for the writers. This theme mostly liked by the writers.

Legal Pad

Legal Pad is a beautiful theme made by the Legal Theme Makers. It gives your browser a dashing look.

Black green shards

The Black green Shards is the best theme in the chrome store, Its bookmarked bar and the url bars. It gives you a transparency look, to your browser.

Earth in Space

This theme is my personal favourite, I’ve used this theme several times as I am a space lover. This theme comes with a number of free space and galaxy related wallpapers, This theme is the perfect choice for the space lovers.

This theme says that Believe in the power of the universe. Because of this is the extraterrestrial theme for the browser by Atavi.com
Moving ahead they also explain their theme as, their theme is so good screensaver of our planet in space, all your thoughts will materialize.

Dark Theme v3

The Dark theme is the third version of Dark theme series. This theme is the good choice for the dark background lovers. The theme is well design by the dark background, the menu bar, url bar are perfectly designed by the developers. The dark theme lovers will definitely love it.

Galaxy Aero 1440p

The galaxy Aero is basically designed as a transparent theme. This theme is a combination of Dark light and transparency. The bars of this theme is fully transparent.
The theme comes with a galaxy backdrop with transparent tabs. The color of tabs and bookmark text have a blue text while recent page text is white or gray. The Bookmarks bar and the downloads tab are black.

Carbon Blackout

The carbon blackout is also a good theme for dark theme lovers. It comes with premium look.

Crimson Night

The crimson night theme is basically based on a moonlight theme. The main background of this theme is focused on the moonlight basis.


This is a simple theme, for a simple theme lovers.

Superhero Sketches Chrome Themes

The superhero Sketches Chrome themes are for the superhero lovers. If you like superhero or superhero movies you will definitely like these all selected themes. Take a look on all of theme best chrome themes selected by me.

Deadpool [FVD]

Deadpool Theme is designed for the Deadpool movie lovers for Google Chrome and FVD Speed Dial with 3D new tab page [FVD]
To enable Deadpool Theme and 3D New Tab with additional features you need to install FVD Speed Dial from the Chrome Webstore:

Deadpool Full Screen Theme

The Deadpool full-screen theme is a simple version of the Deadpool 3d theme.

Black Panther 1 – 1920px

Batman Macabre – 1920px


Here’s all the eeveelutions (except sylvion) Hope you enjoy. POKEMON!

A Splash of Color Best Chrome Themes of 2020

These are the colourful themes spacially designed for those who love the colorful themes.

Blue/Green Cubes

The Blue Green tubes best chrome theme is a beautiful theme designed for the flower lovers.

Color Fusion

This theme is developed by the [email protected], this is basically a colurfull theme with some white and light backgrounds.


This theme is quite a heavy theme comes with size of approx 5 mb. This theme is beautifully designed by the beautiful sweet backgrounds.

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