About the Admin

Hey there I am Taliv Ansari, Admin of this website. I am a Blogger & a WordPress developer. I am from Naxalbari, Siliguri, West Bengal, India.

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Who am I?

I am Taliv Ansari, Admin of this website. Professionally I am a Blogger & a WordPress Developer. I am working as a Blogger & Developer since 2017. I am a Teacher as well, teaching as an assistant Teacher in a School. I live in a small Village in Naxalbari. I do Blogging because I like to share my knowledge through social media, and it gives me a lots of pleasure when someone gets happy because of me. I made this local blog because of the same reason 🙂

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Why this Website?

I’ve made this website for many reasons. One of the most basic reason is reliability, people can easily find important informations just in some clicks. Now the don’t need to go through several websites. And as we know our Naxalbari is growing day by day, so this informations will be so helpful to the peoples who will come here for visiting, trading, and many other purposes. This website is connected with our news, developer and many other websites.

admin of naxalbari

How to Contact Me?

If you’re from Naxalbari then it is very easy to contact me. But if you’re not from Naxalbari you can contact me through social media, you can send me email or you can call me anytime for any kind of queries related to this website. Just click the below ‘contact me’ button you’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll find all my details. I can speak Hindi, English & Bengali. So, make sure when you call me try to speak with me among those three languages.

Message from Admin

This is your website, I made this for you all. So always feel free to contact me, and serve your efforts, do support this website so we can improve more in the coming days. 🙂

If you like my work, then please donate me which will help me to maintain this website and serve you with more valuable content, news, and information.

About Website

This is not an official website but it has every possible details about NaxalbariCity and surrounding Places. Every details are taken from Government websites.