About the Website

This website serves you almost every possible detail of Naxalbari City and surrounding places. Just go around every link, you’ll get the details.

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Why this Website?

On this website, we have included each and every kind of detail of Naxalbari City and arranged those details in different kinds of sections. Those sections are Gram Panchayat, Education, Hospitals, News, Events, Gallery, Transports, Markets, Restaurants, Real Estates, Shops, Administration Bodies, Banks, Local Places and many more for the people’s comfort. You can visit those pages and get the correct information just in few clicks.

about naxalbari city website-min
about naxalbari city website-min

One of the main reasons to make this website is reliability. We saw people of Naxalbari and many other cities are unaware of their own City. They do not know very well about their own City and the services their city provides as well. So we are trying to inform them about those services through this website. Now nobody needs to go through different websites to get phone numbers and office addresses of the Government Organisations. We’ve brought those all information in a single place, which will save your time and effort.

This is your website so always feel free to contact me and do support so that we can improve more in the coming days. This website offers you to submit your own news, articles, events, photos, videos, and any other things you want. We really appreciate it, and your talent will be published on this website.

About Website

This is not an official website but it has every possible details about NaxalbariCity and surrounding Places. Every details are taken from Government websites.