These following are the managing bodies of Naxalbari City. All the redirects are Gov websites. And the informations are taken from Official websites.

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Gram panchayats

There are total six Gram Panchayats in Naxalbari, those are- Naxalbari GP, Hathighisa GP, Maniram GP, Upper Bagdogra GP, Lower Bagdogra GP, and Ghosaipur GP. Which includes all the hundred villages.

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block development

Naxalbari is a Block which has more than one hundred villages, which are controlled by four Gram Panchayats. Click below button to know more about this block. You’ll be redirected to the gov. Official website.

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police stations

Naxalbari City has two Police stations, one is on Naxalbari Bazar, and another one is on Upper Bagdogra. Click on below button to know more about these two police stations.

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Sub division

Naxalbari City comes under the Siliguri Sub Division, which is one of the most popular sub division of North Bengal. Click on below button t know more about the Siliguri Sub Division.

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district magistrate

Naxalbari City is controlled by the Darjeeling District Magistrate. Dr. Depap Priya P, IAS is the current District Magistrate of Darjeeling. Click below button to know more about Darjeeling District

Administrators 3

Naxalbari city is the beauty of West Bengal. Shri Mamata Banerjee’s Political Party Trinmool Congress is the ruling party of this state. Click on below link to know more about this state.

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