Fake News Generator: Who starts viral misinformation?

Fake News Generator

Who starts viral misinformation?

Who is the Fake news Generator? Hello everyone, ever since this lockdown has started, and since the coronavirus epidemic has started spreading, since the beginning of May, people have been noticing one thing that people spread rumors very quickly.

And I do not know what people get by doing this, but it makes a lot of effect on the people and it is very bad to do this. Sometimes people spread rumors about Corona, sometimes about something else.

Want to know why coronavirus started?

or what might cure it?

Well search online and you’ll find thousands of answers many of which aren’t true. I investigate disinformation for you all and I’m often asked who starts these rumors and who spreads them?

I am living in India and every morning when I wake up, Whenever I wake up in the morning, an aunt comes to our house, and my mother hears a new handkerchief every day. And even if I say something, he does not believe that by then he has missed a boom. In this way, any wrong news is spread easily. We should take it very carefully and stop such growing roomers.

well as always the answer isn’t straightforward. So I’ve broken them down into five different types. This people are always found around us spreading misinformations. And these kind of peoples do not care about the truth, or they never do research about the correct informations.

One the Joker

Lots of people have been sharing funny posts and memes online and some of them are pretty good. But others go too far and people actually believe that they’re true.

Two the scammer

They’re sort of looking to make money from the pandemic some create fake texts trying to get hold of your bank account details, or others plug dodgy advice looking to sell their remedies and cures.

Three the politician

The people in charge can also spread fake news that includes officials and state-sponsored media from around the world. Officials in China and the US have been trading misinformation since the start of the virus.

Each accusing the other of deliberately creating it, of course, neither of those claims are true and there are concerns about foreign interference that’s when states spread misleading information abroad in order to further their own aims.

But it can be very difficult to trace interference back to the people in charge or to figure out who is behind networks of fake accounts that are pushing misleading information.

Four the conspiracy theorists

These people think that nothing is as it seems they falsely linked 5-g to coronavirus speculated about who created it or even suggested that creative arts don’t exist at all.

None of these are true these ideas have been bouncing around on the internet for a while but they’ve started getting more attention as worried people look for quick answers to their questions.

Five The Insider

As information that apparently comes from someone you trust an unnamed doctor professor or hospital worker but it turns out they don’t exist or if they do it seems to be a game of Chinese whispers gone wrong.

And this misinformation goes viral because it’s shared often by a relative in your WhatsApp group who passes it on just in case or by a celebrity who amplifies it to their thousands of followers.


Tech companies media regulators and
governments decide what happens when people start and spread misinformation but ultimately we’re all responsible for stopping its spread. At last, it’s our request that please stop
misleading stuff online and think before you share. Thank you

Mat Kar Forword

Recently some Bollywood actors came on social media to send a message to all Indians. And the message is “Mat Kar Forward“. They wanted to say all Indians that please do not spread rumors anywhere. Mostly rumors are get spread by social media, especially by WhatsApp.

Whenever people are getting any message, without doing any kind of research they are spreading that. So it is a request by them, by us, by everyone please do not spread rumors.

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