Local Markets

Local markets of Naxalbari is not really large but is has hundred of shops including vegetable markets. Naxalbari has many local markets in his all Gram Panchayats including restaurants, venders and many more.

An Overview of Market

Local markets of Naxalbari has a wide variety of shops and vendors. Each Gram Panchayat of Naxalbari has its own Local Market where people find their daily needs.
Local Market
All Markets
Shops in Naxalbari are really very compact, if you visit as a newbie you might face many difficulties to find the shop you are looking for. Checkoutour article for more details.
All Kind of Shopes
There are a numbers Restaurants in Naxalbari some are small while some restaurants are big. You must should visit once on those restaurants to get a beautiful experience.
Food & Drinks

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