Local Transport Service in Naxalbari

Local Transport Service in Naxalbari

What Are The Local Transport Services in Naxalbari?

Local Transport, This post is written especially for the tourist who visits Naxalbari or nearby places. Local transport services will help them to travel small distances. Because many times I found people who are new here are getting fooled by Some taxi, auto, or bus drivers. This article will help them to know about the transport services of Naxalbari.

At the current time, very few tourists are coming to the Naxalbari area, but I am sure that in the coming time Naxalbari will also become a place for tourists as it is one of the historical places of the world. And even now Naxalbari is the gateway of the Northern part of West Bengal. Just after some distance a place called Panitanki is the Border of Nepal. tourists are going to Nepal via Naxalbari.

There are many Transport services are available in Naxalbari. The main Transport services are Bus and Auto. Besides this Naxalbari also has TWO Railway stations ( Bagdogra Railway station) and Naxalbari Railway Station. Apart from this Naxalbari Block also has an Airport which is situated at Bagdogra.

Bus Transports in Naxalbari

The number of buses runs via Naxalbari. The routes of Local buses are started from three main places. Which are Khoribari, Debiganj, and Galgaliya? All the local buses who starts from these bus stops runs via many different small stoppages. All those stoppages are: Adhikari, Batashi, Panitanki, Naxalbari Bus Stand, Satbhaiya, Hatighisa, Atal, Chanmuni, Kistopur, Upper Bagdogra, Lower Bagdogra, Shiv Mandir, Medical More(North Bengal Medical), Matigara, Dr. Changs Hospital, Uttarayan, Darjeeling More (Gateway of Darjeeling), Siliguri Junction, Hong Kong Market (Bidhan Market) Siliguri, and the final stoppage is Siliguri Court More.

Auto Transport Services in Naxalbari

Small transport services are used to traveling small Distances. The auto transport service in Naxalbari consists of Magic vans, Toto, Auto Rickshaw, and other small transport services. The fair of these small transport services is not much. They usually take a minimum rupees of 10 to 50 rupees. And for some long distances, they take maximum rupees of 100. There are many small auto stands in Naxalbari. Some of the common auto stands in Naxalbari and its nearby areas are as follows. You can easily find these locations on google map.

Rathkhola Auto Stand : The rathkhola auto stand is almost 2 km away from the Naxalbari Bazar or Naxalbari bus stand.

  • Ghatani More Auto Stand:
  • Bus Stand Auto Stand:
  • Panighata More Auto Stand:
  • Hatighisa Auto Stand:
  • Atal Auto Stand:
  • Kistopur Auto Stand:
  • Upper Bagdogra Auto Stand:
  • Bihar More Auto Stand:
  • Airport More Auto Stand:

Naxalbari Railway Station

Naxalbari Railway station is a small railway station which is situated at the center of Naxalbari Town. It comes under the Darjeeling district West Bengal. The Naxalbari Railway Station lies on the Katihar-Siliguri line. The shortcode of this station is NAK.

It serves the people of Naxalbari as a local transportation service to go faster. This railway station lies just 5 km away from the Panitanki which the border between India and Nepal. The station has a single platform, with three railway tracks. Many passengers train, goods train, and intercity trains pass through this station.

The station is well ventilated, and water and sanitation services are also given to this station in recent times. This railway station is operated by Northern Frontier Railways.

The following trains are operated by this Railway Station :

  • Siliguri-Katihar Passenger (unreserved)
  • Katihar−Siliguri Intercity Express
  • Radhikapur – Siliguri DEMU
  • Siliguri Jn. – Malda Court DEMU
  • NJP-Siliguri-Alubari Road-NJP -SGUJ Ring DEMU

To know about times tables and more information like contact numbers, Read Naxalbari Railway Station in brief.

Airport Service Near Naxalbari

Just almost 14 km away from Naxalbari Bagdogra Airport is situated. It comes under the Naxalbari block and Siliguri subdivision. It is located in the western part of Siliguri. This airport is also operated as the civil enclave if the Air force school Bagdogra. Which comes under the Indian Air Force.

One can easily get transport service from Siliguri, Panitanki, or From the Naxalbari to reach the Bagdogra Airport. The bus, auto air taxi is available anytime for transportation.

To know more about the Bagdogra Airport like the flight information, Timings, contact details, the managing bodies checkout Airport Near Naxalbari.

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