Lockdown Extended till April 30, School and Colleges till June 30, What about Exams?

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Lockdown Extended

Lockdown Extended: Today April 11th, 2020, After a conference meeting with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Shri Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal has declared that All the school and Colleges of West Bengal will be closed till June 30, & the Lockdown has been extended till April 30, 2020.

The West Bengal government declared a total lockdown in the state, which includes the 9-10 sensitive hotspots around the West Bengal which have been recently found, which shows a number of Coronavirus positive cases in the last three weeks. The state government of West Bengal said on Friday that they had identified 9-10 hotspots in the state, which includes two major cities of Bengal, Kolkata, and Howrah.

Narendra Modi’s Decision on Lockdown Extending

The chief minister of West Bengal Shri Mamata Banerjee said today that, we are with the Prime minister Modi as well as with the Nation. She said that we stand with the center and ready to extend the lockdown till April 30 in whole West Bengal to fight with the Coronavirus. PM Narendra Modi also stated about the extension of Lockdown.

What about School & Colleges?

Earlier it was decided that the School and colleges will remain closed till March 30, but after the 21 days lockdown, it was extended. Now again all the schools and colleges have to be closed for a long time. The major question raised in this that, what about the study?

Well everyone is concern about the Education system, but in this harsh situation, it is very dangerous to continue any organization such as schools and colleges.

So, she stated that every year summer vacation starts from June first week, but because of extreme heat and bad weather the summer vacation was started quietly before the first week of June.

So, she has requested to all Government and Private schools and colleges to adjust the summer vacation accordingly, to maintain the study.

She also encourages the Government and private school teachers to take online classes to their students if possible. And she appreciated the CBSE and CISCE boards as they are doing the same work.

She also added that, All school and colleges should go for work from home Process.

What About the Mid Day Meal in Government Schools?

The chief minister also said about the mid-day meal in government schools. She said that, as all the schools will be closed till June 30, so some steps need to be taken. She said that all the young students should get all the essential food items like Dal, Rice, Potato in April.

Status of Lockdown Extension in All Around India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on a conference virtual meeting today, with all the ministers of India, that due to continuous rising of coronavirus positive cases it is not possible to stop the lockdown on 14th April, as it was decided in early meetings. So, after the discussion with all the ministers, they came up with a decision that the date of lockdown in the country should be extended.

Along with the West Bengal many other states like Orisa, Panjab, Maharashtra, Karnataka, also has declared the extension of lockdown till April 30.

What after April 30?

Well, it depends on the situation of the Country. Nobody can predict it that after April 30 the Lockdown will be finished completely. Some more major steps can be taken after April 30, if the Indian Government won’t see any improvements.

What is our Duty Now?

It is a humble request to all the readers on behalf of the whole Naxalbari, and our team that it will be better for everyone if we maintain the Lockdown. That’s all we can do. We got the opportunity to do something for the Nation. And that opportunity should not be missed, let’s come together and fight with this pandemic.

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