Naxalbari During Lockdown

naxalbari during lockdown

Naxalbari During Lockdown, The world is terrified of the coronavirus. The number is increasing day by day. The powerful countries of the world have become helpless today. The condition of our country is also very bad. Corona infection is not going to be prevented in any way. It has been more than two months since the lockdown has been going on all over the country. Along with the Corona panic, the condition of the poor people of the country has become very bad. No work, no money. Some people are spending the day eating 1 meal a day. All in all, a very terrible situation has arisen all over the world. No one can say how long it will take for the vaccine to be made. Everyone is trying their best.

Naxalbari During Lockdown

Now let’s talk about Naxalbari City. It can be said that Corona has affected Naxalbari like all other places. But we won’t say thanks to God, that still there is no Covid-19 case seen in Naxalbari City. Due to the lockdown, all the shops except vegetable shops, grocery stores, and drug stores were closed. The impact has been on the poor people of Naxalbari. Let’s see the condition of Naxalbari in Lockdown.

First, let’s talk about the people of Naxalbari. Naxalbari is still protected from Corona. So maybe the people of Naxalbari are feeling a little lazy to accept the lockdown. Ordinary people come to the market every day to buy vegetables. The government has asked us to maintain social distance, but many people are not obeying that either. In fact, people have never been in such a situation. No one can keep himself locked up at home. So it can be noticed that there are still crowds of people in the neighborhood. Although it is important to wear a mask, many people do not agree. The boys are riding their bikes in peace, playing cricket on the field.

Naxalbari police are working as per orders. To enforce the lock-down, the police are moving around in the corners of the Naxalbari with vans all day long. The car is stuck on the road and is being interrogated. Many cars have been seized. Many motorists and bikers have taken legal action against the lockdown. No vehicles are allowed to enter the Naxalbari vegetable market to control the crowds. Police personnel is on duty every day. Giving free rations in ration shops. There are a lot of people there, the crowd is controlled by the Naxalbari police. At the initiative of Naxalbari Police, food items were distributed to the poor people of different villages of Naxalbari.

Many voluntary organizations, clubs, political figures, and groups of Naxalbari have stood by the poor people who have food problems in the lockdown. Everyone is distributing food items to poor people in different parts of Naxalbari. Community kitchens have been opened in several places in Naxalbari. Where poor people are being fed once a day. Many well-meaning people in Naxalbari have contributed to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund and the Chief Minister’s Emergency Relief Fund to the best of their ability.  Many youth groups of Naxalbari are distributing food items in different areas. Some voluntary organizations from outside are also coming to the tea gardens of Naxalbari and distributing food items.

We are happy that many have stood by the poor people in these difficult times. Many thanks to them. As long as the lock-down continues, I hope people will stand by the people in this way. We request everyone to follow the government instructions. Keep up the social distance. One day everything will be normal, stay at home till then, don’t wander outside unnecessarily. Wear Mask, Stay well, stay healthy.

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