Naxalbari Movement, A Brief History of Naxalbari

history of naxalbari

He started the Naxalbari movement

Naxalbari Movement: There is a Maoist attack in Sukma of Chhattisgarh. 26 soldiers have been killed. To say this is a Naxalite attack that is being fought in the name of the Naxalite movement. But this is not true. This is extremism. The Naxal movement, which was over long ago, was over. Only those who started this movement said.

It has been 50 years since the Naxalbari movement started. But the war between the government and the Naxalites is still going on. But what is this idiology that the government could not overcome even in 50 years? Who started this? What is Naxalbari? Who was the first Naxalite?

Everybody knows about Mahananda Para Road in Siliguri. Once you will ask about this road. Then people will ask whether to go to Charu Mazumdar’s house? Will also answer immediately: just go straight. Right from left. In house number 25 of this road, Charu Mazumdar used to sit with his comrade friends. There was talk of getting Naxalbari village free from the clutches of landlords. It was here that Charu Mazumdar and Kanu Sanyal prepared the ‘Historic 8 Documents’ which laid the foundation of the Communist Armed Revolution in India. From here, Charu and his companions became enemies of the government.

Charu Mazumdar who was once a zamindar

Naxalbari Movement, A Brief History of Naxalbari 1
Charu Majumdar

Charu Mazumdar was born in 1918 into a zamindar family. Since childhood, he had an irritation towards ‘Zamindari Havniyat’. Charu had rejected Ram Mohan Roy, Ishwarchand Vidyasagar, Swami Vivekananda, everyone. They used to say that they are all British.

Leaving college, Charu wandered around the Congress for a few days. Tried to organize the beedi makers. Then joined CPI in 1937-38. Charu did a lot of work as a worker in the Bengal famine of 1943 and the Tebhaga movement of 1946. Tebhaga changed the direction of Charu’s life.

Tebhaga means third. At that time, the landlords used to take half of the crop in Bengal and the farmers used to get half the crop. But the farmers wanted two-thirds. Because the same bones and meat were the same. The movement was successful. But Charu’s work increased. Now they should have liberated the farmers from the landlords everywhere.

Charu Naxalism’s father and Kanu became the first Naxalites

Naxalbari Movement, A Brief History of Naxalbari 2
Kanu Sanyal

In 1948, Charu Mazumdar was jailed for working against the government. The CPI was banned in Bengal. He met Kanu Sanyal there. In 1949, Kanu showed black flags to West Bengal Chief Minister Bidhan Chandra Roy to ban the CPI. In 1952, Kanu also joined CPI.

Both people kept working. Then the party CPI broke down. Charu and Kanu joined CPI (Marxist). After this, there was talk of ‘Armed Revolution’ in this party on the lines of China. Under the leadership of Charu Mazumdar. The party did not deny it completely but did not even accept it.

In 1965 Charu came with his ‘Historic 8 Documents’. In this, considering Mao Jedang of China as an ideal, it was talked about waging war against the Indian government. It was said that now politics will not work. Fultu action is required.

In 1967, Charu Mazumdar was expelled from the party. Because the party had come to the government in West Bengal. And Charu was now going to fight the government. Openly said that now the weapons will be snatched and the landlords will be beheaded. Kanu Sanyal once said that that time was perfect for the ‘Armed Revolution’. Because the workers were very enthusiastic. Kanu is now with Charu. Charu became the father of Naxalism and Kanu became the first Naxalite.

Then the first blood in Naxalbari

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Jangla Santhal

An incident occurred in April 1967. The Bhigul farmer did not own the land. That god was holding the land of Tirkey. Very little benefit One day he talked about increasing his profit. God evicted him from the ground. Bhigul complained in the ‘Krishak Sabha’. Kanu Sanyal was the leader of this organization. They surrounded Tirkey. But Tirkey, who was an engineer in the Air Force, was now a member of the Bengal Congress. Later he also became a minister in Bengal in the Congress government. He used his power. A battalion of CRPF was sent from Delhi. Tirkey survived.

But landlord Nagan Roy Chaudhary came out unfortunate. The police could not come for them. Ngan was beheaded on the order of Kanu Sanyal. Sir was going to cut the 6 feet 5 inch forest Santhal. Jungle later became a ‘head pen’ specialist of Naxalites. The zamindars went to the government after this incident. Jyoti Basu was the home minister of Bengal at that time.

He tagged the farmers and sent them to the police. At that time, under the leadership of women Naxal peace, a group of farmers was going to snatch land from the landlords. Clashed with police Inspector Sonam Wangdi was killed. Peace is alive now The magazine quoted The Week as saying that he saw Sonam kicking a pregnant woman. That’s why I ordered to kill him. Later that pregnant woman died. The next day, in response, the police killed 9 women.

This incident changed the direction of Naxalite movement. Kanu Sanyal declare that now there is no other way than to liberate Naxalbari. After this, violence in Naxalbari reached its peak. One by one, many landlords were killed. Their lands were taken away.

Shanti further says that our aim was to free the farmers of India from zamindari. But could not be. The same situation is still there today.

Chinese Ideology and War of Annihilation

In 1968, Naxalite leaders went to China with their comrades. Met mao It was a big welcome there. Stayed there for two-and-a-half months. It is said that military training was also given to these people there. Khudan Malik also went to that team. Tells The Week: ‘Mao said that Malik you look like Chinese. And you should be in the army of China. Then further said that CPI’s party will not revolutionize India. Only Naxalites can bring this revolution. But Mao also said that before the ‘Armed Revolution’, public support will have to be mobilized.

Charu Mazumdar did not agree with Mao. They wanted to do everything quickly. Interestingly, in a meeting, Kanu Sanyal was not ready to agree on Charu’s ‘Armed Revolution’. But after returning from China, he was in a very mood.

A long meeting took place in April 1969. New party CPI (ML) was created. ML means Marxist-Leninist. Charu called the event ‘War of Annihilation’. This was also his theory. The landlords’ complex was eliminated.

Fueled by this, the police fell behind the party in a tremendous way. Charu went underground with this party. But Kanu was arrested by the government.

Naxalism passed through love, Kanu said bye

naxalbari movement, naxalbari statue
naxalbari movement

Kanu changed his heart in jail. He started seeing the shortcomings of his party. Chief Minister Jyoti Basu rescued her from jail. In 1977, Kanu said goodbye to his party. The party also did not try to call. But the ideology of the party was greatly shocked by this.

After this, Kanu continued to work by forming a party. But not like before. In 2006, old Kanu met robberies in a train. A knife was found, but Kanu kept fighting. This was his life!

India’s ‘Most Wanted Man’ dies in red-market lock-up

After the Battle of Bangladesh, the government fell behind the Naxal movement. Charu Mazumdar was India’s ‘Most Wanted Man’ in 1972. It is said that when the police searched Charu in Calcutta, people did not tell about them. What was it that urbanites kept saving the fighters fighting for the farmers of the village?

Then a close policeman of Charu climbed up. He was so tortured that he could not tolerate and told about Charu. On 16 July 1972, Charu was arrested. No one was allowed to meet Charu in the ten-day police custody in the red-market lock-up. Neither does the lawyer. Did not appear in any court. It is said that the police tortured Charu. The red-market lock-up at that time became notorious for ‘Naxal torture’. Charu died in the same lock-up on July 28 without any case-trial. It is said that even the dead body of Charu was not given to the family by the police and burnt itself.

Today Naxalbari is a quiet place. Nagen Roy Choudhary’s grandson Sadanand has a good relationship with Malik. Malik was the one who went to China. The owner also supported Jungle Santhal in the murder of Nagen. But that thing is over now. Ishwar Tirkey’s son Sunil Tirkey says that Naxal was the reason for the movement. The purpose of the people was big behind this. But I did not support the killings. It became a reason for this movement to fall. Shanti says that the purpose of our leader Charu was very big. But later the right people did not come and the movement was shattered. We did not want what is happening today. Jungle Santhal later became an alcoholic and died in poverty in 1981. Kanu Sanyal hanged in 2010.

The three leaders of Naxalism are not Charu Mazumdar, Kanu Sanyal, and Jungle Santhal Jinda. Yet Naxalbari has an army unit and an airforce base. CRPF is always present.

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