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Where is Naxalbari Police Station Located?

Naxalbari police station is located near the Naxalbari Bus Stand, Opposite side of Naxalbari rural Hospital, in Naxalbari Block, Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. It is a small police station comes under the West Bengal State Police.

Near the Naxalbari Police Station, there is a Bangla School called by the name of “Nanda Prasad Boys High School”. At the opposite side of Naxalbari police station Naxalbari Rural Hospital is located. Naxalbari police station is located just near the Naxalbari Bus Stand, so it’s very easy to visit there. Naxalbari Police station is well sheltered and also has maintained cleanliness.

How Much Area is Covered by Naxalbari Police Station?

The Naxalbari Police station looks after the three Gram Panchayats, which are Naxalbari Gram Panchayat, Hatighisa Gram Panchayat, and Maniram Gram Panchayat. Naxalbari Police Station comes under the Naxalbari Block. There is one more Police station located in Upper Bagdogra, known as Bagdogra Police Station. Bagdogra Police Station covers a total of 123.11 sq Km. area, Which includes three Gram Panchayats of Naxalbari Block, which are Upper Bagdogra, Lower Bagdogra, and Gossainpur Gram Panchayat.

Naxalbari Police Station controls a total area from south Rathkhola to Chanmuni Tea Estate.

Social Works Done By Naxalbari Police

Like any other Police Stations, Naxalbari Police has done many things for the Naxalbari people. They are still giving their full efforts to make Naxalbari better. They have organized blood banks to help the needy ones. They have also done a lot of help to the needy peoples of Naxalbari in many ways. In an emergency or bad situation, they always stand with the people of Naxalbari.

Being a resident of Naxalbari, I myself can say that, I have never heard or seen doing anything bad by the Naxalbari police. Whether it is corruption or anything else. They are always loyal to their duty.

Distance of Naxalbari Police Station from the Nearby Police Stations

There are total Five nearby Police stations from the Naxalbari Police Station.

Bagdogra Police Station: Bagdogra police station is almost 13 km away from the Naxalbari railway Station. It is situated at one of the Gram Panchayat of Naxalbari Block, Which is Lower Bagdogra. The Naxalbari Police station is connected with the Bagdogra Police station by The National Highway. It controls three major Gram Panchayat of Naxalbari blocks, which are Upper Bagdogra Gram Panchayat, Lower Bagdogra Gram Panchayat, and Gossainpur Gram Panchayat.

Phansidewa Police station: The Phansidewa police station is 33 Km. away from the Naxalbari Police station.

Kharibari Police Station: Kharibari Police Station is 14 Km. away from the Naxalbari Police station.

Siliguri Police Station: Siliguri Police Station is 23 Km. away from the Naxalbari Police station.

Matigara Police Station: Matigara Police station is 18 Km away from the Naxalbari Police Station.

Official Details of Naxalbari Police Station

Every possible official detail of the Naxalbari police station are available on the official website of Darjeeling police. We cannot post any official details here, so you will get every possible official detail of Naxalbari POlice on the official website.

All these above links will redirect you to the official government websites. All links are safe to visit.

Location of Naxalbari Police Station

Here is the Location of the Naxalbari Police station which will help you to reach easily. This map is generated by Google Maps, so it will be very easy for you to reach here. All the nearby police stations are also can be found on this map.

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