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Where is Naxalbari Railway Station Located?

Naxalbari Railway Station is a small Railway station in Naxalbari which is situated at the center of Naxalbari Block. It comes under the Siliguri Sub Division of Darjeeling district, West Bengal, India. Naxalbari Railway station is approximately 14 Km. away from the Bagdogra railway station. And almost 22 Km away from the Siliguri Railway station, Siliguri railway station is also called as Siliguri Junction. Naxalbari Railway station comes under the North Frontier Railways. And it is owned by Indian Railways.

Overview of Naxalbari Railway Station

Naxalbari railway station has only one platform and three railway tracks. Naxalbari railway station is well sheltered recently and it also has the facility of drinking water and canteen for food. Naxalbari railway station is not so far from the Naxalbari Market, which is also called Naxalbari Hat.

Just after 500 meters of Naxalbari railway station, you’ll find Naxalbari Bus Stand. On the Naxalbari bus stand you will find available buses and auto for traveling long distances like Panitanki, Kharibari, Siliguri and many different places.

Besides the Naxalbari railway station, there is a small village called Station Para is located. On the opposite side of Naxalbari Railway Station, there is a Turning Point called Ranjeet More. Ranjeet More is called for Ranjeet More because of a small Restaurant, which is situated on that spot. It is also an auto stand who takes many passengers towards the Naxalbari Bajar, or Naxalbari Market or Naxalbari hat.

The floor of the platform is well plastered and regularly cleaned by sweepers. There is no complaint regarding the cleanliness. A total of six permanent chairs have been made for the resting purpose.

Trains of Naxalbari Railway Station

There is a total of eight trains who stops in the Naxalbari railway station to take passengers. These trains are operated from the Naxalbari Railway Stations. Their trains are DMU trains, while two others are Passenger and Intercity trains.

The name of the trains are :

Siliguri – Katihar DEMU Train: It is a DEMU train that comes under the North Frontier Railways. It arrives always-on platform number one on the Naxalbari railway station. It arrives every day at the station from Saturday to Sunday. It runs from Katihar to Siliguri Junction. It arrives at 4 Am. into the Naxalbari Station and reaches 4.33 Am. at Siliguri Junction.

Katihar – Siliguri Jn InterCity Express: It is an Express Intercity train that comes under the North Frontier Railways. It arrives always-on platform number one on the Naxalbari railway station. It arrives every day at the station from Saturday to Sunday. It runs from Katihar to Siliguri Junction. It departs at 6 Am. from the Katihar Junction and reaches 10.7 Am. at Naxalbari Station. Its total Travel time is 4 hours 7 minutes crossing a total of 14 hats, the distance of 180 Km. with average speed 44Km/h.

Siliguri Jn – Malda Court DEMU: This is a Demu train runs from the Siliguri Junction to Malda Court Town. The average speed of this train is 43 Km per hour. It departs at 10.30 Am. From Siliguri Junction and Arrives at 11.02 Am at Naxalbari Railway station.

Radhikapur – Siliguri DEMU: This is a Demu train runs daily from Radhikapur to Siliguri Town. It departs at 7.15 Am. from the Radhikapur Junction and Arrives Naxalbari Railway station at 11.43 Am. Its total time travel is 4 hours and 28 minutes. It covers a total of 95 Km. distance with a speed of 44Km per hour.

Malda Court – Siliguri Jn DEMU: This Demu train runs from the Malda Court to Siliguri Junction every day. It covers a total distance of 231 Kms. It takes 6 hours and 13 minutes to complete its journey. It departs from the Malda court at 8.45 Am. and Arrives Naxalbari Railway Station at 2.58 Pm. It crosses 39 Hats in his journey. It has got a good rating on Cleanliness by the Indian Rail info website.

Siliguri Jn – Katihar InterCity Express: This is an Intercity express train. It runs from the Siliguri Junction to Katihar junction. It departs at 3 Pm. from Siliguri Junction and Arrives at Naxalbari Railway station at 3.34 Pm.

Siliguri – Radhikapur DEMU: This is a demo rain run from the Siliguri junction to Radhikapur Junction. It runs every day from the Siliguri junction. It departs at 5.30 Pm. from the Siliguri Junction and arrives at 6.02 Pm. at Naxalbari Railway station and platform number 1. It covers a total of 23 Km from Siliguri Junction to Naxalbari Railway station in 32 minutes.

Katihar – Siliguri DEMU: This is also a Demu train runs from the Katihar Junction to Siliguri Town. It departs at 6.15 Pm from Katihar Junction and arrives at 11.58 Pm. into Naxalbari Railway Station. It covers a total 180 Kms. in 4 Hour 53 minutes.

Railway Stations Near Naxalbari Railway Station

These are some Nearby Railway Stations of Naxalbari Railway Station :

  • HTA/Hatighisa 4 km   
  •  BTSI/Batasi 9 km  
  •  ADQ/Adhikari 12 km   
  • BORA/Bagdogra 13 km  
  • MTRA/Matigara 19 km    
  • RNI/Rangapani 21 km  
  • GAGA/Galgalia 21 km     
  • SGUR/Siliguri Junction NG 22 km   
  • SGUD/Siliguri 23 km    
  • SGUJ/Siliguri Junction 23 km

What is the Code of Naxalbari Railway Station?

The Code of Naxalbari Railway station is NAK.

Train from Naxalbari to NJP

There is no direct train facility from Naxalbari Railway Station to the NJP railway station. If you have to go NJP railway station from Naxalbari, You can go by bus available at the Naxalbari bus stand. either You have to go till Siliguri junction first, from Naxalbari, and there are available trains for the NJP.

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