Online Earning, is it Easy?

thruth of online earning

What is Online Earning?

Online Earning, You might have heard about several methods of online Earning. Online earning is basically a method to earn real cash through the internet. But do you know the reality of it? Is it really easy to make money online? what skills are required for making the carrier in this field? Is making money online can build your future?

Well today in this post, we are going to discuss some basic questions, that you should ask yourself before starting the journey of Online Earning. And we will also find out their answers. We will see various methods of Online Earning, the truth behind it, you should start it or not in 2020, which will be the better choice for you to go with. So let’s get started.

Methods of Online Earning

There are several methods of earning money from the internet. You just have to choose the correct one in which you are comfortable with. I have chosen some best ways to earn money online. Here are the list of those methods.


In today’s world, everyone likes to see videos more than reading articles on the internet. So if you have any talent, then you can create a youtube channel, it is totally free you will just need an email account to create it.

Creating a Website

Creating a website is also a very good way to earn money online. You can create different kinds of website and start your business online. There are hundreds of methods to earn money online through a website. You can start making a website for free using Blogger or if you want a professional website then you can go with WordPress. For creating a website you just need a domain name if you wanna make your website with blogger. For making a professional website you have to go with WordPress or any other platform like Joomla, or Wix, but most recommended is WordPress. For making websites I these platforms you will need to have a hosting along with your Domain.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very profitable way to earn money online. You can create affiliate account of any ecommerce website, and by promoting them you can earn money. In affiliate marketing you basically have to sell others products, and you will get a small commision of it.

CPA Marketing

CPA Marketing is more profitable than affiliate marketing. Most of the people think that the CPA Marketing and affiliate marketing are the same. But it is totally wrong! In CPA Marketing you have to promote the offers of different products, and you are getting paid for per click. That is why it is called CPA, which means Cost Per Click. Companies are paying a high amount for just one click. You can generate up to $100 per click or more.

Share Market

Share market is a trading platform where you can sell or buy the equity shares of companies. Every day a million of the transaction is being done in this market. Peoples are earning huge amounts of money by simply use their minds. To do work on the share market I personally recommend you do a lot of practice of trading. You have to learn, understand and then you should come here. Because it is a very risky place, one mistake and you may face a big loss.

These all are my personal recordation in the online earning field. If you want to do serious work here, and you want a good future in it, you can choose any of them. Many peoples became rich by using the above methods. But let me clear you one thing, for earning money on the above methods you have to give you one year just for learning and experiencing things.

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