PM Modi has allocated Rs 1,000 crore

20 lakh crore package

1,000 crore for immediate assistance to Bengal devastated by Cyclone Amphan.

Bengal was devastated by cyclone Amphan on Tuesday and Wednesday. The amount of damage is huge. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. On Thursday, the chief minister said 72 people had been killed and many properties had been destroyed. It will take a few days for everything to be fine. He told a press conference that the families of the deceased would be given financial assistance of Rs 2.5 lakh.

The Chief Minister requested the Center to stand by the situation in Bengal. In response to the call, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday that he would visit the flood-hit areas of Amphan. He said he would visit the devastated areas of Orissa including West Bengal.

The administration has prepared a map of the affected areas of Bengal. The Chief Minister will hand over the map to the Prime Minister today. This map identifies the areas affected by the Amphan. He will be shown various damaged areas of two 24 parganas. Mamata Banerjee and Governor Jagdeep Dhankar were present at the airport to welcome Modi. BJP state president Dilip Ghosh was also present.

The Chief Minister, Governor, Mukul Roy, Locket Chatterjee, Rahul Sinha, and many other leaders were present at the airport to welcome Prime Minister Modi. As soon as he landed at the airport, Modi got up with the Chief Minister and the Governor.

The Chief Minister toured the devastated areas of two 24 Parganas by helicopter for one hour. The governor was with him. The Prime Minister toured various areas of devastated Basirhat. Then the Prime Minister held an administrative meeting on the second floor of Basirhat College.

The Prime Minister announced a financial package of Tk 1,000 crore for the devastated Bengal. On this day, he said, “I am saddened to see the way Bengal has been damaged by the cyclone. A team will be sent from the center. They will look into agriculture and electricity services. At this time the whole country is on the side of Bengal. At present, a financial package of one thousand crore rupees is being given. If the amount of damage is more, then more money will be paid. ” At the same time, two lakh rupees is being given to the families of the victims. The affected families need financial assistance of Rs 50,000. After the administrative meeting, the Prime Minister left for Bhubaneswar.

Meanwhile, MP Nusrat also went to Basirhat College during the meeting. However, she was not alone, accompanied by her husband Nikhil Jain and two assistants. Nusrat was first prevented from entering the college. However, he was reportedly allowed to enter after introducing himself as an MP. Nikhil also tried to get inside with him. But Nusrat’s husband and two assistants were not allowed to enter.

The SPG informed clearly that an administrative meeting was being held inside. Not a meeting of any political party. So the MP cannot take anyone else with him. Nusrat could not accept the matter. That’s where the argument started. But in the end, Nikhil was not allowed to enter and he himself left. The actress left with a kind of arrogance as Modi did not actually meet her at her center. Later, however, it did not return.

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