Real Estates in Naxalbari, Darjeeling West Bengal

Real Estates in Naxalbari, Darjeeling West Bengal

An Introduction to Real Estates in Naxalbari?

According to the official website of the Siliguri Sub Division, there is a total of four real estates found in the Naxalbari area. These Real Estates in Naxalbari are managed by property dealers and capitalists of different states as well as some capitalists of Naxalbari.

The Real Estates in Naxalbari are one of the main sources of employment for the locals of Naxalbari. The factories and many other sites of estates provide many services as well as employment to the peoples. People of Naxalbari works on several real estates to run their family. As Naxalbari is quite near to Nepal Border there is no probably any unemployment. There is a number of real estate who give them works as well as many facilities.

Influence of the Real Estates of Naxalbari

Naxalbari has a wide range of plain land, as well as a good place for making industries because of many reasons. The first reason is, it is surrounded by many famous places like, Panitanki, Kharibari, Siliguri, Bagdogra, Gossainpur, Ghoshpukur, and many names are there. Secondly, Nepal is very close to Naxalbari, and the Bihar. Thirdly there are enough sources of transport (Also see Transports in Naxalbari) services. So people can easily import and export their products to the big cities and towns as well as to the states like Bihar.

Many people came to Naxalbari to buy lands in many different places like the places near Laal Pool, the places near Dudh Gate, The places near Rathkhola, the places near Bengaijote, and some places from Bajarpada. The price of land is quite lower here as compared to any other developed city. This is the reason why many capitalists are now coming to Naxalbari and buying their properties.

What are the Top Main Real Estates in Naxalbari?

There are many Real Estates in Naxalbari, but here are the top ones which are established many years ago in Naxalbari and still standing in a good position.

Naxalbari Tea Estate:


Naxalbari Tea Estate Spread over 1,200 acres across the Naxalbari is, the Naxalbari Tea Estate is known for its variety of teas, which includes black tea, green tea, orthodox, white, CTC, oolong, and also the offbeat which exactly look like steamed and the roasted green tea, pan-fired green tea, iced tea, and much more tea flavors.

The current owner of this Real Estate says that “Our artisanal teas are much appreciated abroad,” .

The Naxalbari Tea estate follows the organic methods of cultivation.

Nowadays where tea trading becoming highly competitive since many people of Bengal and Assam uses this and the business is also getting affected by various external issues. So, Sonia Jabbar, the owner of this Real Estate has decided to start different earning avenues such as the tea tours and a tea connoisseurs’ course. Now “It is very necessary to keep the business growing and well balanced because more than 500 people of Naxalbari depend on this estate for a living.”

By describing the tea tour she stated that “We offer a very comprehensive day tour of the estate where we tell you about the various processes that are involved in crafting the tea.”

Mostly the poor women of Naxalbari Village works here for many years even the males are working here to run their families. Naxalbari Tea Estate also gives them foodgrains monthly who are working on their garden for many years.

Naxalbari Tea Estate is serving food to the many peoples since many years.

Rice Husking Mill


The Naxalbari Flour and Rice Mill Private Limited is one of the main Estate of Naxalbari.

Naxalbari Flour & Rice Mill Private Limited was started on 17 March 2012. This is a private company which is registered at the Register of Companies, in Kolkata. The total authorized share capital of this company is Rs. 2,300,000 where the paid-up capital of this company is Rs. 2,213,800. This company is involved in many works like production, processing, and also in the preservation of meat, fish, fruit vegetables, oils, and fats.

The last Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Naxalbari Flour & Rice Mill Private Limited was last held on 29 September 2018. As per the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) record, it was found that its balance sheet was last filed on 31 March 2018.

Who is the Director of Naxalbari Flour & Rice Mill Private Limited?

The Directors of the company, Naxalbari Flour & Rice Mill Private Limited are Seema Devi Agarwal, Neha Malpani.

What is the Identification Number and Registration Number of Naxalbari Flour & Rice Mill Private Limited?

The Identification Number of Naxalbari Flour & Rice Mill Private Limited is (CIN) U15122WB2012PTC176000. And the REgistration Number of this company is 176000.

What is the Full Address and Contact Details of Naxalbari Flour & Rice Mill Private Limited?

The full Address of Naxalbari Flour & Rice Mill Private Limited is,

Station Pra, South Rathkhola, Station Road Naxalbari, Darjeeling, West Bengal, 734429  

India Company Type: Branch.

This is the Branch Address of this Company.

One More Branch is located at, UTTAR RANDHAN JOTE P.O DHAKA JOTE P.S. KHARIBARI Naxalbari Darjeeling WB 734229 IN

What is the Email Id of Naxalbari Flour & Rice Mill Private Limited?

The email id of this company is [email protected]

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