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Support CarryMinati, As you all know the recent trend about Youtube vs Tiktok. Actually this trend was started with a very small video, and a letter on it became a very big issue as Youtube vs Tiktokers. So, let’s talk from the start.

There is a YouTuber known as Elvish Yadav, Made a video on Tiktok vs Youtubers where he roasted the Tiktok stars. Now, by seeing his roasting, and for a very long time, many YouTubers use to roast the tiktokers for their cringe contents. So, by seeing this kind of roasting videos a TikToker whos name is Aamir Siddiqui had offended and made a video where he compared the Youtubers with Tiktokers. And Said many things which are not true at all about the Youtubers.

Now, the roasters in youtube, one by one everyone started making the videos on Amir Siddiqui. And started roasting him, and making fun of his hairstyle, dress up, and many other things that he has said.

Still, the matter was not so big, but after all these, CarryMinati who is the biggest Roaster in India till Now. He roasted Aamir Siddiqui and the video went viral.

He roasted Aamir Siddiqui and the video went viral. The video had broken many world records. Like, the most Fastest Liked Video, Fastest Viesd, and many more records.

Now just after three days, Youtube has deleted carry’s video from Youtube. As Aamir Siddiqui went to the supreme court and filed a case on carry minati against Cyber Bullying. Now supreme court immediately ordered Google that delete that particular video and all the related videos from youtube.

We Support CarryMinati?

Now many peoples are supporting carryminati because he has a huge fan following on youtube. Just in 4 days, he gained 4.8 million Subscribers which is also a record, and it’s huge. Even carryminati is trending on twitter nowadays again and again.

Ok, now if you ask me why I am supporting carryminati I have many answers to that. But the most important fact is, I know him for 4 years. He is a nice guy, he helped many of his followers. He never behaves like a celebrity with his fans. Even the donated a huge amount of money every time when India was in trouble

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