Villages of Naxalbari

There are total 102 villages in Naxalbari which comes under the six Gram Panchayats. The all details of Villages are taken from the government websites and the photos are clicked by the locals.

A Brief Description on Villages of Naxalbari

An Introduction to the Village of Naxalbari 

There are more than 100 villages in Naxalbari managed by the six Gram Panchayats. Naxalbari is a block also called Tehsil comes under the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India. the villages of Naxalbari are well organized and all are connected with each other by the roads. Schools and colleges are also made by the government in almost every village. The students of the villages do not need to go so far for the School or colleges. Since all the villages are connected by the small roads and all small roads are well connected by the main roads which help the people of Naxalbari to go to different places. A group of villages has their own managing body called Gram Panchayat who serves their good efforts to help the poor peoples. 

An Overview of the People of Villages

The main occupation of the people of Naxalabri is agriculture. They cultivate a different kind of crops and vegetables on their self owned land. Half of the land of Naxalbari is always covered by the green crops which gives Naxalbari a beautiful look. Besides the Cultivation people of Naxalbari are also doing some regular jobs like driving self-owned Toto, Automobiles, etc. The village people of Naxalbari are also curious about Education. They send their child into the School and Colleges regularly. Even many students from the village of Naxalbari achieved many medals and scholars in the study. 

Details of all Villages of Naxalbari

There are a total of 101 villages in Naxalbari, every detail of all the villages like their geographical location, population, gram panchayats, post office, their administrators everything is available on the official government website. You can easily find out the names of the village you are looking for by clicking the below link.

About Website

This is not an official website but it has every possible details about NaxalbariCity and surrounding Places. Every details are taken from Government websites.