What is Boys Locker Room Controversy?

Boys locker rrom controversy

Today we will talk about the Boys Locker Room, it is very trending nowadays, something happened this Sunday that it has come on-trend.

Children 15–14 years old are promoting rape culture. They talk like this on social media, such a screenshot has come out, seeing that you will not feel that they are children.

What is Boys Locker Room?

This is a chat group on Instagram, there are more than 100 members in this group. And this group only talks about girls, no problem, anyone can talk about boys about girls.

But, when things are dirty, then there is a problem, and this is very difficult because these boys are only 15–14 years old, and study in good schools.

They talk about how to do gang rapes, how to harass them, links of dirty movies are shared, Nude photos are shared, Slut-shaming snd many more. And all these things, are done by little boys. You can see in which direction the new generation of India is going.

Here such things were happening continuously for many days, if things are fine then there is no point, but if things start to get extremely dirty, about rape and things are very bad then things go awry.

After this happened, a girl showed all the screenshots of this group on social media, that they are talking about in this group. And as soon as all these screenshots went viral, people got very angry.

But the matter got worse here, when the girl made that screenshot viral, then those boys deleted the group and started a new group immediately. And started threatening the girl who had shared those screenshots.

Not only this, but this group also used to harass a lot of girls. It had become worse than the matter. Then on Sunday, this all was revealed and the Delhi Police was came into the action.

The Delhi Commission of Women Chairperson Swati Maiwal immediately sent a notice to the Delhi Police and sent a notice to Instagram, immediately these notices were sent to both. Now he said that immediately arrest these boys.

A school in North Delhi and a parent got F.I.R. Then some boys were arrested. Delhi Police arrested a boy from South Delhi and the remaining 22 have been detented.

A case was registered under section 465(forgery), 471 (using forged document), 469( forgery for purpose of harming reputation), 509(intending to insult the modesty of any women) of the IPC of 67 and 67 of the Information Technology act at the cyber cell of Delhi Police.

Now we talk about JJB, JJB came in 2015, and in 2014 it came in force. Under this, the Supreme Court had given a slight rebuke to the Delhi Police that under no circumstances can you put a child in jail.
Because if you lock a child in jail, his mind will get worse. So this action should be under JJB.

And what this board does, this board is a method for those children, if their mind is not right, then they understand them properly. Children of 14–16 years old are also kept in this.

So if there is a case of this method, then the child is presented in front of JJB, he takes all the responsibility for it. And if that child did not find the BAIL in JJB, then that child still will not be kept in jail.

Now after all these things Facebook also did a response, they said that this completely violates our privacy policy, and we do not promote such kinds of things.

Now Facebook also has to be very strict because, how this kind of group is still running on our platforms.

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