What is Naxalbari Uprising?

Naxalbari Uprising

An Introduction to Naxalbari Uprising

Naxalbari Uprising was a revolt started in 1967 at Naxalbari Block, which comes under the Siliguri Sub Division, Darjeeling, West Bengal, INDIA. It was basically an armed peasant revolt which was mainly led by the local tribals and the radical communist leaders of West Bengal.

Later on it was developed in a name called Communist Party of India in 1969.

What is Communist Party of India?

The Communist Party of India, Which is a Marxist–Leninist also called (CPI (ML)). It was a communist party of India which was formed by a committee which is known as, “All India Coordination Committee of Communist Revolutionaries (AICCCR)”.

The Communist Party of India was formed at a congress in Calcutta in 1969. This party was first declared by Kanu Sanyal at a mass meeting in Calcutta on 22 April, Vladimir Lenin’s birth anniversary. And Later on, the party was divided into many different minor Naxal/Maoist groups.

What was the Origin of Naxalbari Uprising?

The origin of Naxalbari uprising was very basic but later it became so popular in whole world. At first, there was a boy called Charu Majumdar, he belongs to a poor family. From the childhood h use to hate the landlords who takes the lands of poor farmers and use to rule on them.

He grew up by watching the same things, and started movement against them. In this time there was a farmer in Naxalbari, he was working on a piece of land since long time. Since he was working in a very low price, one day he demanded to increase that from his landlord. The landlord had refused the proposal and also rusticated the farmer from that piece of land.

The farmer than went to the Charu Majumdar. The story begins here. Charu majumdar with his two friends, Kanu Sanyal and Jangal Santhal came to Naxalbari, and started demanding their rights forcefully. The landloard was an retired government person, so he called the force and ran away from there.

But, one person was caught by them, and jangal Santhal killed him openly. This was very brutal. On that spot police force also came to protect the landlords, and while the gun firing police force killed 9 people with a pregnant lady and two childs.

This was very deadly fight between the police force and the villagers. This incident became a big issue and raise the naxalism in India.

If we think deeply, the Naxalism was made for a noble cause but today when the creators of the Naxalism died but the Naxalism is still existed with a bad cause on our society.

Today Naxalism has spread in many states of India. They killed thousands of peoples by the name of naxalism, which was made for a good cause.

Today, the people of Naxalbari are living peacefully, and the Naxalbari is one of the most beautiful cities of North Bengal. Its green tea gardens, farms, paddy fields, clean city, and sweet peoples made Naxalbari a proud city of India.

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